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Seraphonica combines elements of electronica, orchestral, classical, soundtrack and world music in a dark, intense and strange musical journey that will stay with you.


With epic wall of sound passages, otherworldly soundscapes and provocative arrangements, Seraphonica defies the mainstream and offers the listener something unique, different and inspiring.

Seraphonica is the brain-child of veteran New Zealand Producer/Composer Malcolm Welsford (Shihad, The Feelers, Supergroove) and Composer/Performer Miklos Power.

Seraphonica permiered live at 8PM Friday March 13th 2020 at magician Matt Hollywood's Village Theatre, Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, Gold Coast Australia. Those who braved the Corona Virus scare experienced a unique 70 minute electronic symphony presented with live performances by composer Miklos Power. It was an awesome night!


Composer / Performer

Miklos Power

Composer / Producer

Malcolm Welsford

"Future music"

" of passion and scale..."

"Epic... some of Australia & New Zealand's best new music."


Welsford Music: Malcolm Welsford

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Bookings: Miklos Power

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Press: Miklos Power

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